Blush is the New Black

I've always loved the color pink. Just ask my mom, as a child my room was always painted pink, and as an adult, I asked (forced) my bridesmaids to wear pink (ok, more of a deep dirty dusty rose) colored bridesmaid dress. Sorry, girls. So my love of the color runs deep and true, but the pinks of today are much more friend-friendly and husband friendly for that matter. 

I'm sure if I told Tate I wanted to decorate our house in pink I might get some pushback from my loveable hunting husband. But decorating with blush tones now that is something you can incorporate into any room and even the most sensitive male eyes can get past. 

The color blush is red hot right now in the design world. It can be found across the board from candles to crocheted throws. You don't have to go all out and paint every wall as I did as a child, just adding subtle accents throughout the house can add a fun pop of color without busting out of the modern farmhouse trend you've perfected in your home.  

Blush tones can carry through any season, they aren't just for Easter anymore. You can blend them with fall tones and also with a snowy white scene for a touch of a North Dakota sundown in January. 

Original Art by Pam Killerlain


Blush tones travel too. Drop a fresh new journal in your purse for a blushy piece of inspiration when you feel moved to share some thoughts. 

 Toss a pillow on your favorite chair and use the soothing tone of blush to comfort you after a long day of mask-wearing and child wrangling. 


The options are endless with blush its no wonder it has taken the place of black when it comes to a modern yet sophisticated accent color. 

 You Pink Loving Friend, 


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