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Meet The Family Behind Eco Chic Home

The Eco Chic Story


Who are we? 

Hello, and Welcome! We are Tate & Maria Bosak, the proud owners of Eco Chic Home, a family owned and operated home decor and furniture boutique located in Fargo, North Dakota. We are incredibly proud of what we have built over the last eleven years, but it is the last year that we took on our biggest project to date.  

While 2020 was tossing us all around and turning our lives upside down it was also the year of JOY for us. Charlee Joy, to be exact. Charlee was adopted in November of 2020 and then we added to Charlee's tribe in April of 2021 when we adopted Onyx and Kai. 

These additions to our home only intensified our love and commitment to helping others build a home they love. That is the purpose and mission of Eco Chic Home. We are here to help YOU curate and decorate, your home so it brings you joy, and comfort.  

How it all began.

2010 - Eco Chic Home opened as a eco-friendly (hence the name) baby, mom and home store called Eco Chic - A Green Boutique. We focused on supplying natural and sustainable products for babies such as cloth diapers, chemical free skin care and bamboo clothing. 

2012 - The eco-friendly baby concept is failing and in an attempt to keep the business operating we start selling re-purposed furniture after many customer requests to sell them our product displays. Hence the "Sell them the Damn Hutch," story so many of you may have heard me tell. 

2013 - We introduce Chalk Paint to our line of products and create an event called Fargo Junk Market in order to continue to grow our business. 

2015 - Chip and Joanna Gaines come to Fargo as the keynote speakers for the Eco Chic Design Conference.  After a life-changing encounter with Joanna Gaines and an inspiring business conference by Dave Ramsey we create an arena based show to inspire others. 

2016 - Eco Chic Home continues to grow in the home decor and furniture industry and year two of the Eco Chic Design conference is hosted with keynote speakers The Property Brothers & Clint Harp. 

2017 - The business continues to flourish and year three of the Eco Chic Design conference occurs with keynote speaker Ree Drummond.  It was this same year that we (Maria & Tate)  became foster parents to an infant girl and decided to pause the Design Conference. 

2018 - By the end of 2017 it was obvious that Eco Chic needed a new home with more space and more visibility to serve the ever-growing clientele.  In June of 2018 we moved into a brand new building space that allowed us to showcase more furniture and offer more services to our ever growing customer base. 

2021 - We continue to grow, and like the rest of the world are finding our footing after coming out of the covid pandemic. We arise with a greater appreciation of our customers who stuck with us during a crazy time. 

2023 - We buy a building to serve as a receiving location for our furniture shipments, have fun outlet sales and use as an office to house our team that will be building an online presence in 2024. 





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